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Alien XXR Race
Alien XXR Original
Alien Crystal
Alien Fighter
Alien Super Street II
Alien Snell SA
Alien II
Alien Integral
Alien Jet ECE
Alien Jet
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XXR Race Helmet
Alien Helmet
XXR Race



Alien XXR The original StreetFighter Helmet
Alien Helmet
XXR Original

Fiberglass or Carbon

Featured in the movie
"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"
Bandit Crystal Helmet
  Alien Helmet 

Fiberglass or Carbon


Alien Fighter Helmet
Alien Helmet

Alien II Helmet
Helmet II

Fiberglass or Carbon
Super Street II
Super Street II

Fiberglass or Carbon
Snell SA Helmet
Snell SA 2005
Integral Helmet
Jet Helmets
Alien Jet Helmet
with ECE approval
Alien Jet Helmet
Alien Helmet
Alien Ghost Helmet

Limited Edition
Sold Out
Not available anymore.



All Alien Helmets made with a in Fiberglass shell.
Please note: Most available Helmets are made in Polycarbonate (PC). PC Helmets are not supposed to be painted or even fitted with stickers. The PC Helmets are sensitive to UV radiation and should be exposed after 4 Years
Fiberglass shell Helmets give you the following advantages:
+ Helmets can be painted individually.
Click here to see examples.
+ Stickers can be fitted on Helmets
+ Live time is supposed to be 10 Years
+ Quick lock: Easy take off
+ Some helmets come with tinted visor
+ Weight: being a fiberglass Helmet, still convenient in weight an advantage you feel every day

Finish: We focus in all the details like perfect fitting Visor, perfect paint and perfect finished interior.

All helmets have a European approval: ECE Norm 22-05. Except the Jet helmets.
The Alien XXR is
also homologated in USA: DOT FMVSS No. 218.
(Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218, USA, for Motorcycles)

The Alien XXR is one of the lightest full face helmets available while exceeding DOT Specifications
The Snell SA 2005 has an ECE, DOT and Snell SA 2005 approval

None DOT approved helmets are not for use in countries were the DOT applies. NOT for Street nor Race. Show piece only.


Shipping is not included in any prices. Prices are subject to change.

10.00 - 5.00 PM PST
To order, please call
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